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We have a BOLD with scratches from shipping, see pictures, that needs to be grinded and polished away. This is sold with 25% discount. 


Dinghy Rings BOLD, for inflatable dinghies, is mounted under a wide external swim platform 110 –400 centimeters. All of the mountings are hidden and both the middle arc and the rings are detachable. Dinghy Rings BOLD supports inflatable dinghies up to 60 kilos and 3.5 meters. Adjustable in width to fit dinghies of different sizes.


For dinghies with flat pontoon ends, use the accessory Pontoon LINK.


Dinghy Rings is a patented Swedish innovation, developed and produced in Sweden.

(Outlet) Dinghy Rings BOLD (scratches from shipping)

6 990,00 krPris
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  • Package weight: 12 kgs
    Package size: 1100x600x180 mm
    Dinghy pontoon c/c distance: 97-127 cm
    Dinghy width approximately: 132-172 cm
    Dinghy recommended max length: 350 cm
    Max load (incl outboard): 60 kgs
    Recommended outboard: 2-6 HP 
    Material: Stainless steel pipes AISI 316L 57/50/25 mm. UV-resistant polyester straps with marin grade buckle.
    Application: Mounted under an external swim platform 110-400 cm wide.

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