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  • Does Dinghy Rings fit my boat?
    There are three versions. One of those probably fit your boat. SLIM, for mounting under a small swim platform. Usually small sailing yachts. BOLD, for mounting under a wide swim platform. Usually powerboats. FLEX, that hangs from pushpit at the transom and fit boats without an external swim platform. To see which model fits your boat, please have a look at the drawings under each product in our webshop.
  • How large dinghies can it handle?
    Dinghy Rings is made for small dinghies and small outboard motors. The dinghy can be up to 3 meters long and the width from center to center on the pontoons must be between 97-127 cm (102-127 for model FLEX). That's usually a total width of 135-170 cm. The maximum weight to handle is 60 kg.
  • Can the outboard motor be kept mounted on the dinghy?
    Yes, in most cases it's possible to keep the ourboard motor on the dinghy while folding to 30-85 degrees. Note that a four stroke engine must be turned so that it is parallell with the transom of the dinghy with the "correct" side facing upwards. The maximum weight including motor is 60 kg.
  • What's the difference between Snap Davits and Dinghy Rings?
    There's a huge difference between Snap Davits and Dinghy Rings. The most obvious is the way the dinghy is folded/lifted. With Snap Davits the dinghy is folded on the side, while with Dinghy Rings the dinghy is folded/lifted to a standing position with the transom facing down. To use Snap Davits you always need to modify your dinghy, while Dinghy Rings is shaped to fit your dinghy from start. With Snap Davits you need to glue a pad on to your dinghy and that pad needs to be located at the upper part of one of the pontoons, in some cases where you usually want to sit. With Dinghy Rings you only need to glue something to the dinghy if your have flat pontoon ends, the accessory Pontoon LINK, that is attached to the pontoon ends. With Dinghy Rings all of the mountings on the boat are hidden under the swim platform, or detachable without leaving any traces. In other words – nothing to hurt your toes at. With Snap Davits, the hook parts are mounted on top of the swim platform. With Dinghy Rings the weight of the dinghy, including a motor, is centred and evenly distributed. If you have a motor mounted, the center of gravity will be low. With Snap Davits the weight can be centred, if you're able to attach those pads for perfect balance. Provided that the pads doesn't end up exactly where the oars or handles are. It's not possible to have a balanced weight with a motor mounted and use of Snap Davits. With Snap Davits the dinghy will take at least 250 cm of the platforms width, depending on the dinghy length. With Dinghy Rings the dinghy take approximately 160 cm of the platforms width, depending on the dinghy width. This means you can easily walk by your standing dinghy, if you berth "stern to" for example. Sailing yachts with narrow sterns and small transoms have difficulties transporting a dinghy on the side, because the dinghy needs more space. A dinghy standing vertical or with an angle, needs less space and is therefor less often a problem, when sailing for example. With Snap Davits you need to buy new parts for the davit when your dinghy is worn out. Dinghy Rings is adjustable in width and made to fit most dinghies on the market. Dinghy Rings FLEX needs no fixed installation, meaning no holes in the boat. Dinghy Rings BOLD is situated outside the swim platform, meaning you'll have all of the swim platform to use even if the dinghy is standing there. Dinghy Rings is designed to let you keep a small motor mounted while folding the dinghy. Because the weight of the motor is close to, or right above, the axis of rotation, you don't have to lift the whole weight of the motor. It's more like you rotate that weight, at the same place.
  • My dinghy doesn't have cone shaped pontoon ends, can you help?"
    Yes, we have a solution for you. The accessory Pontoon LINK is made to make all dinghies compatible with Dinghy Rings. You glue the LINKs to the pontoon ends with 2 comp pvc glue and the LINKs will guide the pontoons to a perfect fit in the rings.
  • I can't find an answer to my question?
    We are constantly adding more questions and answers to this page. Please send us an e-mail with your question and we will answer shortly.
  • How about terms and conditions?
    We'll treat you good. Read our full terms and conditions here. And we'll use your personal data with care. Here you find our privacy policy.
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